I developed the Football Bar while working as an assistant in the football strength and conditioning gym at NC State University. It was the perfect environment for testing the bar, and players were always available to try the new versions that eventually led to the famous Football Bar. And NC State became my first customer with an order for 10 bars.

With the help of a local high school football coach, I was also able to conduct a formal scientific case study that firmly supported my hypothesis that the Football Bar helps trainees get stronger compared to straight bars. It also reduces stress on the rotator cuff, an important anatomical fact.

The Arm Bar and Back Bar are by-products of that football. Players were doing curls and skull crushers with the 7 foot Football Bar; I just cut down the long ends and the Arm Bar was born. The Back Bar came next, making the legendary angle grip feature an important addition to weight room’s cable machine attachments.

The Football Bar, Arm Bar and Back Bar makeup the Masterbar System, a set of dynamic training tools engineered to safely trigger muscle hypertrophy like no other exercise bars on the planet.  Click Training Videos and Satisfied Customers to see and read about the best investment in exercise equipment you’ll ever make!

Made in the U.S.A.

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