...plus coaches, gyms and individuals across the country, including:

                                                  “The Football Bar SHOULD BE IN EVERY SCHOOL”

                                       Coach Hicks, Strength & Conditioning, Syracuse University

“great product! high quality construction, does exactly what you said it would.

                                  thanx man.”  Scott in MO

The Football Bar enabled me to bench again without

lengthy rehab after major shoulder surgery."

Coach Mike Benner, West High School, Salt Lake City, UT

"I've been thinking about bars like this for years and now someone
finally comes out with them."  Coach Ron Pendegraf, Cary High School, Cary, NC

"Linemen can use the close grip thumbs out with no shoulder
stress." Coach Luke Richesson, Athletes Performance, Tempe, AZ

"These bars have increased training results and reduced injuries."
Harry Meeks, Paramount Fitness Centers, Orlanda, FL

"Now you can hit muscles from angles you couldn't before."
Todd Stark, Big Ape Gym, Raleigh, NC

"Football players love it because it's so sport specific."
Coach John Alder, Powerhouse Gym, Naperville, IN

"My sore shoulders were killing me and I couldn't do any benches. Now I can
bench pain free using the Football Bar." - Brian Holt, Pro Strongman, Myrtle Beach, SC

"With the Arm Bar I don't even use the EZ Curl Bar anymore."
Ben Cooper, Tucker Gym, Ft. Bragg, NC

"My workouts are fabulous and I can bench without shoulder pain.”
Phill Sorbask, Branford, CT

"Your bars are great." Ron Sisko, Wantage, NJ

"The Football Bar is a great tool if you like doing bench presses but can’t because

of shoulder injuries. Also, playing with the grips changes the angle the muscles are hit, and
with the three different bars you can do a wide variety of moves." Palani Mak, PT, LasVegas Athletic Club.

"Training with the Football Bar is a blast. For the first time in years I can work my chest without shoulder impingement". -Ed Stroman, owner, Tehaman Family FitnessCenter, Red Bluff, CA

"When you get the dinosaur guys here - the old bodybuilders and powerlifters lovin’ those bars,                            you  know you got something." - Mike Ferguson - owner Powerstation Gym, Middletown, OH

"The students in our weight training classes enjoy doing something new, different
and innovative - like the Football Bar and they also find it strengthens their wrists!” -
Professor Gary Preston, Gainesville College, Gainesville, Georgia

"A couple of weeks after hurting my shoulder doing the shot put
I couldn't do straight bar benches, but I can use the Football Bar with no shoulder pain!.”                                  Danny Wadham, Bishop Gorman high School, Las Vegas, NV

“I wish had this bar 20 years ago, they should be in every gym.” Jeff - Nevada

“I just got my Arm Bar and let me tell you that is's a 100 times better than the crappy bar I currently use for parallel
hand spaced close grip benches. It is definitely a well constructed piece of equipment.” ED - New Jersey

“I really like the design of your bars.” Lee - New York

"The Back Bar is a must in any weight room. It's use is unparalleled in the development of the upper back
musculature when using a high or low cable machine." Brandon Johnson, SCCC, CSCS Fort Worth, Texas

“They love the Football Bars!” - Coach Newhof, Caledonia, MI

“I love the Footlball bar - it really hits the wrists and shoulders a whole different way.”

I'm very satisfied with the purchase.” John, Rhode Island

“I train all my athletes with the Football Bar, the grip angles are perfect.”

Coach Rick Scarpulla, Ultimate Advantage Sports Performance Training, NY

“I really like the Football Bars.”  Coach Darl Bauer, West Virginia University Strength & Conditioning

“After I started using the Football Bar my triceps strength went off the charts!”

Ryan Kennelly, world record bench press champion

“I love this bar” - SEAL using Football Bar at Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA.

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